GT street sparks & GlowJobs Available

GlowJob Single (1) Pint / Pint X

Fluid Theory

Regular price $25.00

Want to add some flair to your Onewheel? Fluid Theory has an innovative product to give your board that glow-up. Buy a single or a set of two. Simply install this around the hub and you’re ready to light up the streets. 
- no tools required to install 
- 7 color options 
- Strobe Pulse or Solid light 
- Color cycle mode 
- USB rechargeable battery 
- IP65 waterproofing 
- 5-7 hours of use on a single charge 
- includes USB cable 
- compatible with GT, GTS, Pint & Pint X 
- charging light red = charging; green = charged 
- GlowJob will fit on Pint or Pint X but only on the valve stem side of the hub, only a single Glowjob is needed