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The Shaft

Fluid Theory

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Introducing "The Shaft" by Fluid Theory. Sorry fellas no way you'll be able to compete with this 15 inch light bar by Fluid Theory. Great for night time riding, be seen and look stylish. Light weight so you can swing it around like your favorite Jedi or Sith Lord while riding. Or attach it to your bag with the included lanyard or built in clip. The Shaft has a built in tripod mount so you can use it to light up your favorite trick spot at night or use it to light your next Youtube video. The Shaft can also be used as a battery bank to recharge your tech on the go. Simply unscrew the tripod mount cap and plug in we've included a USB-A to USB-C cable to use. So many practical applications for The Shaft you'll be asking yourself why didn't I get two. Take it camping to light up your campsite and recharge your phone, use it as a film/video light, night riding or even take it on your next fishing trip because The Shaft has a waterproof rating of IP68. If you already love GlowJobs you’re going to need the shaft! 


Product Features: 

Waterproof IP68 

Shatter Resistant 

Built in re-chargable lithium ion battery 

Full Color and step less dimming 

Power Bank 

4-6 hours of use depending on brightness 

App Control 

Remote Control 


Product Specs 

Battery 10400 mAh  

Input 5V-2A

1000 Lumen Brightness 

36,000 hour lifetime LED bulbs